Megyn Kelley EXPOSES a major journalist who is SUPPORTING Hamas terror

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The list of atrocities being perpetrated by Hamas are endless, and yet so is the number of people on the left who support them.

“The women, the babies, they are being murdered. They are being beheaded. The elderly ladies sitting and waiting for the bus are being shot multiple times by machine guns, and they’re posting the pictures online,” Megyn Kelly says in disbelief.

According to Kelly, while these horrifying images are circulating, there are Washington Post journalists liking tweets that say things like: “What did you think decolonization meant? Did you think it meant vibes? Losers.”

“That happened,” Kelly says, disgusted. “Her name is Karen Attia. She writes for the Washington Post.”

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The post itself was written by Najmia Sharif, a self-described “Somali savant from Minnesota.” Her X account has now been set to private.

“I like to remind myself,” she continues, “that my adversaries on policy or ideologically are not necessarily evil,” however supporting the murder of women and children is evil. “That was a bridge too far for me.”

Kelly is shocked that these leftists can’t see Israeli citizens as people.

“It’s not even about exactly the Jewish thing. It’s about the humanity thing,” Kelly says, “where is your humanity?”

Dave Rubin agrees before asking Kelly what we should do about the “Hamas caucus,” aka members of “The Squad,” who Rubin believes, along with other detractors of Israel, are weaponizing free speech in a terrible way.

“If you constantly defend people who are calling for genocide and murder and beheading babies and everything else and always excusing it,” Rubin says, “I think we’re veering into something else.”

Kelly thinks it’s actually a good thing.

“It’s kind of good to see them posting these statements and really taking away all doubt. It’s wonderful actually, now we’ll always have these statements, so we can always dismiss all of their arguments because we understand that these are vile people,” she says.

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