Santa Monica pier evacuated after man reportedly claiming to have a bomb climbs up famous Ferris wheel

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A man reportedly claiming to have a bomb climbed the famous Ferris wheel at the Santa Monica pier in California on Monday afternoon according to police.

“The #SantaMonica Pier is closed for police activity. We have a subject who has climbed onto the Ferris Wheel. The subject was heard by witnesses saying he has a bomb,” read a statement from the Santa Monica police.

“Our officers are currently evacuating Pacific Park and the Pier and our Crisis Negotiation Team is contacting the subject who appears to be in crisis,” they added.

KTLA-TV reported that there were people stranded in the baskets of the Ferris wheel. Helicopter news video showed firefighters at the scene rescuing three baskets full of people, including children.

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Some witnesses had posted videos of the man to social media. One photo appeared to show the man with a large, black backpack clinging to the pillars of the Ferris wheel.

Crisis negotiators were also reported to be on the scene.

News video later showed the man crawling down the ferris wheel after speaking with police. About a dozen police officers tackled him and took him into custody.

“The subject is no longer on the ferris wheel and is in police custody. Please continue to stay away from the area as the investigation wraps up. More will be shared when available,” read a message on social media from the Santa Monica police.

They later added that no “bomb or incendiary device” was located.

Officials say the Santa Monica Pier receives over 9 million visitors every year.

This article has been updated with additional information.

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

Santa Monica Pier evacuated after man scales Ferris

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