Prominent med school pushes curriculum claiming BMI and nutrition are racist

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The Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri has taken an alarming turn in pushing progressive ideas, especially in its latest summer course entitled “Health Equity and Justice.” Included in the curriculum is something called “Care of Transgender Patients,” discussions about how nutrition is racist, and how the science behind Body Mass Index is based on a white person’s body.

There were PowerPoint slides apparently obtained by Fox News that revealed the school is pushing its medical students to advocate for cross-sex hormones, even though they have acknowledged that there is little evidence on its neural impact. They also noted that there is little known about its effect on neural circuity.

In a separate slide that covers “health equity,” a course apparently claims that nutrition is blemished by racism. There is a slide that includes a TikTok video that goes into detail about how the white doctor who came up with the amount of calories needed per day to survive, Dr. Lionel Bradley Pett, “found out exactly what it took to keep the human body alive by starving native children to death.”

The personality discussing Pett on TikTok went on to outline how experiments were carried out in Canada, saying that “that’s how the deaths of indigenous children became today’s moment in White History. Happy Indigenous Heritage Month.”

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There were also slides that suggested Body Mass Index was an inaccurate way to analyze someone’s health, given that it is apparently based on an ideal Caucasian body, which is not grounded in reality. The slide suggested that BMI should stand for “badly mistaken idea,” noting that it does not take into account someone’s ethnicity or gender.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the purpose of assessing someone’s BMI is to find whether they might be at risk of certain health concerns that come with being overweight.

“There is no disputing that individuals who have high body mass index (BMI) have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease,” Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, chairman of Do No Harm, said.

“Trying to deny this well-established observation is counterproductive and unscientific. While there is no reason to discriminate against individuals who have high body mass index, it is equally important not to dismiss the significance of BMI concerns, especially in children. Providing interventions that educate children about healthy eating habits is crucial for their long-term well-being.”

Goldfarb went on to suggest that the curriculum at the medical school was leaning hard into political and divisive ideologies instead of focusing on the science behind certain medical practices.

“Most concerning is their persistent advocacy for the use of puberty blockers in children, a stance that now violates Missouri law, which opposes such treatment for children,” Goldfarb said.

“This law aligns with the best scientific evidence, as determined by five European nations whose healthcare systems have conducted thorough and systematic research.”.

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