Kevin McCarthy is OUT. Now what? Matt Gaetz explains what’s next.

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Matt Gaetz, the Republican Florida congressman who led the ousting of House Rep. Kevin McCarthy, recently joined Jason Whitlock to discuss what’s next.

“The Bible tells us a lot about this, Jason,” he said. “In times where man is disoriented or when we’ve lost our way … people come forward with wisdom, with personal characteristics, and with a renewed sense of dedication, and there is divine Providence in all this.”

“I know that God’s will will be done when we have a new speaker … someone who is really ready to help us lead the country and to be fighters for the tens of millions of Americans who rest all of their hope in the House of Representatives,” he told Jason.

Gaetz explained that we live in a world where “the Biden administration is turning against people and where the Senate is unreliable to put the people’s interest first,” but that doesn’t mean we have no hope.

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Sometimes hope comes in the form of turmoil, he explained.

“The establishment wants … calm waters all the time, they want everything to be nice and smooth, and then you won’t realize that underneath the water, you know, bad stuff is going on, and there’s a Chernobyl down there” that could “cause catastrophic impact.”

“I think sometimes you’ve got to have some turbulent water so that people wake up and say, ‘All right, what’s going on here?’” he said.

People want to know what it’s “going to take to secure this border,” they want to know how the government plans to “[reduce] spending in order to save the dollar from losing its status as the global reserve currency,” and they want assurance that the country is not about to “sleepwalk into World War III with Russia,” he explained to Jason, who nodded along in agreement.

Matt hopes to get back to a place where “the people really lead and the people we call leaders – they follow the people.”

“So let’s get the people engaged, informed, and at the table for the decision-making process,” he said.

Sounds great to us!

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