BOOM! UK Prime Minister Criticizes Transgender Individuals: “A Man is a Man and a Woman is a Woman”

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UK Primer Minister, Rishi Sunak. Photo by YouTube/Rishi Sunak

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak took a stand against transgender ideology, saying that Britons “should not be bullied into believing that people can choose their gender.” Sunak made the remarks on Wednesday,  4, during the Conservative Party’s annual conference in Manchester.

Sunak declared, “Patients should know when hospitals are talking about men or women, and we should not be bullied into believing that people can choose their gender. They can’t. A man is a man, and a woman is a woman. That’s just common sense.”

The Prime Minister’s comments follow a series of other statements from Cabinet members who used their speeches to address transgender issues. Health Secretary Steve Barclay announced the ban on transgender women in female NHS wards, while Home Secretary Suella Braverman communicated her intention to prohibit sex offenders from changing their gender.

Following these remarks, Rishi Sunak was accused of “fueling a culture war” against transgender individuals in his speech at the Conservative Party Conference.

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Sunak’s position indicates a trend of the Prime Minister aligning himself with the more conservative faction of the Conservative Party, which is committed to a conservative and anti-LGBT agenda.

The comments of PM come shortly after the UK repealed transgender medical procedures for children.

In June, the National Health Service in England announced that it would not provide puberty blockers to children in gender clinics, citing safety concerns outside a research setting.

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