Mayor Eric Adams begins Latin America tour to discourage migrants from coming to New York City

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Earlier this week, New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams announced plans to travel to Latin America to learn more about the migrant crisis and discourage more asylum-seeking hopefuls from coming to the city.

Adams kicked off his four-day tour Wednesday, landing in Mexico City, where he met with local leaders to begin taking steps to discuss stemming the flow of migrants coming into the United States. That evening, Adams headed to the Historic Center of Mexico City to speak to business leaders. He was also given a private tour of the Basilica de Guadalupe.

“We are pulling off now to head to Mexico to speak with leaders of the area and to really start the process of understanding the flow of migrants here to New York City and throughout the entire country,” Adams stated ahead of his flight to Mexico City.

“This is the type of conversation we believe we need to have, both local, national, and international, to come up with a resolution,” he added.

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During a Tuesday news conference, Adams explained that the trip to Mexico, Ecuador, and Colombia aimed to give migrants the “real story” about the strained resources in New York City. He also noted that he wants to learn more about the surge of migrants coming through the Darién Gap, a stretch of jungle between South America and Central America.

Adams claimed that individuals in Latin America are being fed a false “public relations campaign” about resources and opportunities in New York City. He also noted that he hopes to work with local leaders to start a conversation about how to mitigate the crisis.

The governor told reporters that the deputy mayor for communications, Fabien Levy, and his team will try to get Adams on as many local television and radio stations as possible to “give people the honest truth.” Levy noted that local media would be invited to all Adams’ events.

“There is a body of people who are there that are giving them false hopes and false promises. We want to give people a true picture of what is here,” Adams explained. “We are at capacity, over 117,000.”

Adams called for a local, statewide, federal, and international plan to address the migrant crisis.

The mayor plans to tell migrants that “coming to New York doesn’t mean you’re going to stay in a five-star hotel.”

“It doesn’t mean that that mere fact you come here you automatically are going to be allowed to work,” he added.

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