Disney and Netflix produced the most ‘LGBTQ’ films of any major studios in 2022 by far

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Disney and Netflix topped the list of movie studios that produced “LGBTQ-inclusive” movies in 2022, with nearly one-third of their combined movies officially landing them on a list of Pride-friendly movies.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation released its annual Studio Responsibility Index, which tracks production studios based on the gender and sexuality of their movie characters.

The studios are also graded on the percentage of their films that are deemed inclusive and given a rating such as “poor,” “good,” “insufficient,” or “failing.”

With so many ways to negatively label a studio, it should be unsurprising that only three studios received a “good” rating.

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The system, first reported on by BoundingIntoComics, appears somewhat inconsistent. While Netflix and Disney produced the most “LGBTQ-inclusive” films (both had 24), only Disney was labeled as “good,” while Netflix received a “fair” rating.

It is unclear whether the ratings are based on percentage or volume of worthy films, as NBCUniversal was also labeled “good” with a 24% inclusivity rating (nine films), but Paramount Global was only “fair” with 29% (seven) of its films passing the test.

Lionsgate was the only studio deemed to be “failing,” having produced just one acceptable movie.

“LGBTQ stories are a win for the bottom line when paired with meaningful marketing and publicity budgets,” claimed GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis in a letter.

“There is incredible opportunity for outstanding, groundbreaking, and diverse characters and stories. As audiences have more choices than ever on what to watch, these stories will continue to change culture and win those audiences as subscribers and theatergoers,” she continued.

The report meticulously tallies the number of characters in movies based on their sexuality, race, gender identity, disability status, and even whether or not the actor has HIV.

Of the 350 films monitored, 100 (28.5 %) contained an “LGBTQ character.” The report noted that 10 characters across all the films were “non-binary,” while there was “a record high” of 12 transgender characters.

Very specifically, GLAAD noticed that there were 11 “LGBTQ characters” who were disabled, and “only one of those characters was living with HIV.”

Interestingly, 56% of all of these preferred characters were on-screen for less than five minutes.

Even with “support for LGBTQ people and acceptance at an all-time high,” according to the GLAAD CEO, she still noted that the entertainment industry “is in a time of consequential change.”

The true nature of the rating system was perhaps revealed when Ellis passively noted in her letter that “no studio has ever received an ‘Excellent’ rating.”

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