THIS is the one question you should ask yourself following McCarthy’s ousting

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Rep. Kevin McCarthy was speaker of the House until yesterday. Now, he’s been ousted.

The move was supported by only eight Republicans and every Democrat, with Rep. Matt Gaetz leading the charge.

Now, Glenn Beck and Mark Levin are wondering if this was a smart decision.

“I know many people want to get behind Matt Gaetz. I am not one of them. So, I guess I’m a neocon, RINO sellout,” Levin says to Glenn Beck. “Look, you and I have spent decades fighting these wars. This is one of the dumbest-ass wars I’ve ever seen.”

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Levin also notes that when the government spent an insane amount of money on COVID-19, Gaetz never spoke up.

“That was like $3 trillion right there. They wanted to spend $6 trillion, almost none of it went to ‘COVID’ or ‘the pandemic.’ It went to the teachers’ unions and everything else,” he says.

“I am telling you that if you’re going to blow up the House, blow it up for the right reasons,” Levin continues.

Levin also warns that McCarthy’s ousting is letting “Democrats control the budget now.”

Glenn agrees.

“I’m not a fan of McCarthy. However, what is your plan now? You don’t run away from something; you run toward something. They weren’t running toward anything,” he says.

Neither Glenn nor Levin think there’s a very good plan in place.

“I’d love to see one. I mean, when Gaetz is asked who would he accept, he starts naming liberal members of the House. I’m going, ‘Holy crap.’ I don’t know what the plan is,” Levin says.

While House Republicans seem to have forgotten one of the most important reasons they do what they do, Levin hasn’t and urges Americans to remember it as well.

“The Democrat Party hates America.”

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