MSNBC Host Alicia Menendez: DUH, I Won’t Be Covering Daddy’s Bribery Scandal

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This is what happens when you let Democrat family members host programs. On Saturday night MSNBC American Voices host Alicia Menendez addressed the indictment of her father, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-New Jersey), making the obvious point that she wouldn’t be commenting  or reporting on the case, but assured everyone that NBC would “aggressively” cover the story.

Alicia Menendez, the daughter of the senator and his first wife (her stepmother Nadine Menendez has also been indicted), has hosted American Voices with Alicia Menendez on MSNBC since September 2020. Sen. Menendez faced a similar scandal in 2018, so MSNBC showed no ethical trepidation back then. 

Hey everyone, I’m Alicia Menendez. Welcome to American Voices. We have a lot to get to tonight, but I want to begin on a personal note.

Last week, a grand jury indicted U.S. Senator Bob Menendez. This past week, dozens of members of his own party have demanded his resignation. I have been watching, along with all of you, as a citizen and also as his daughter. I will not be reporting on the legal case.

That said, my colleagues across MSNBC and NBC News, they have aggressively covered the story, and they’ll continue to do so, as they should.

Then her show went back into predictable mode, covering the approaching end of the shutdown by putting on leftists trashing those extreme right-wing hostage-takers. 

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