THIS is NY Times’ Thomas Friedman’s plan to undermine Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

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Thomas Friedman of the New York Times would rather see Israel destroyed than see Israel under Netanyahu.

And Mark Levin is not a fan.

“This fool Thomas Friedman works for a newspaper, the New York Times, as we’ve talked about here many times, which censored the Holocaust,” Levin says.

“So this guy’s a columnist for them and he hates Netanyahu. He loves the radical left in Israel.”

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“He sits on his fat butt writing these pieces, called in by Biden to give him advice, and what they really hate is that Israel is now a powerful country that can defend itself and defeat its enemies,” he continues.

In his most recent op-ed in the New York Times, Friedman issued a plea to both Joe Biden and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman cautioning against pursuing a normalization deal with Israel.

His warning comes as diplomatic efforts to broker a security agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia have increased. These efforts include the normalization between Saudi Arabia and Israel, where in exchange Israel would have to make symbolic gestures toward the Palestinians.

Friedman accuses Netanyahu of attempting to win over the United States into an agreement that would not only curtail the power of Israel’s supreme court but also elevate him to a domestic hero status.

“Friedman is a secularist,” Levin says. “He’s a self-hating Jew, in my opinion. So that’s why he hates, you know, this coalition government.”

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