Democratic Anxiety Over Biden May Be Reaching Critical Mass

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Appealing to history won’t make Biden’s age any less. Nor will it make the worst, the dumbest, and the least popular vice president in modern history disappear.

Kamala Harris is a disaster. It’s one reason why Biden won’t drop out of the race. Every Democrat with an ounce of political smarts knows that Kamala Harris would be unable to match up with Donald Trump or any other Republican on the debate stage.

Some Democrats question Harris’s political strength, and on occasion lawmakers have struggled to defend her. Former house speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) gave a less-than-enthusiastic answer when asked by CNN last week whether Harris is the best choice to be Biden’s running mate in 2024. “He thinks so,” she said. “And that’s what matters.”

Asked if she agreed with that assessment, Pelosi called Harris “politically astute.”

Democrats wouldn’t dare criticize Kamala Harris. As a woman of color, she’s protected by her race, her gender, and her ethnicity. This trifecta of diversity means that she’s on the ticket either as Biden’s running mate or as a replacement for the president if he should bow out .

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For those who think that Biden won’t be on the ticket by the time the convention is gaveled to order next July, only death or serious illness will keep him from running. We forget the hold that power has on people. FDR ran despite being gravely ill. He died in April after being inaugurated in March. Woodrow Wilson had a stroke in 1919 that was kept from the public until it was announced he wouldn’t run for a third term in 2020.

Joe Biden is not an intelligent man, nor is he a thoughtful man. He is, however, an ambitious man — an ambition that has propelled him to the pinnacle of power. For almost all men, it proves to be too much to give up.

They will have to carry Biden out of the White House feet first for him not to run.

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