SHOCKER: KNOWiNK Systems Allow Election Staff to Override Election Results

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This article originally appeared on and was republished with permission.

BPro/KNOWiNK contracts include a clause that allows the election staff to override the results of an election.

Yesterday, an in-depth history of BPro/KNOWiNK was provided that shows these election systems are uncertified, Internet-connected, cloud-based, foreign-influenced, and used to illegally process election results.

BPro/KNOWiNK’s Uncertified, Internet-Connected, Cloud-Based Election Systems Are Foreign Influenced and Used to Illegally Process Election Results

Overnight, a GP reader provided a contract with KNOWiNK in Oregon.  The reader pointed out that the contract includes a clause that mandates that the system “shall allow the County Elections Staff to override results, if necessary”.

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The below snapshot is from page 143 of the Oregon contract with KNOWiNK included below:

Below is the entire contract:

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