HERE WE GO: Black Lives Matter Activists Protest in Ohio After Pregnant Black Woman Was Shot Dead After She Tried to Run Over Cop (VIDEO)

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Ohio police released body camera footage Friday showing a police officer fatally shooting a pregnant black woman in her car.

As Fox News reported: “Ta’Kiya Young, a 21-year-old mother of two kids and pregnant with a third, went to a Kroger in the suburb of Blendon Township on Aug. 24, but she never returned after she was suspected of shoplifting bottles of alcohol. Police approached Young outside the store and she was ultimately shot dead in the parking lot. Her unborn daughter did not survive the ordeal either.”

Ta’Kiya Young’s family lashed out at police after the shooting and said it “should have never ever, ever happened.”

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The bodycam footage shows a Kroger employee approaching the police officers and telling them that several people had just stolen merchandise and taken off. The Kroger employee pointed to Ta’Kiyah Young, who was sitting “in a Lexus sedan with no license tags parked in a handicapped spot right in front of the store.”

The officers approached the Lexus and told Young several times to exit the vehicle. She disobeyed their commands and became aggressive.

“What? Are you going to shoot me?” Ta’Kiya Young is heard saying as she accelerates the car and tries to run over the officer.

The officer was in immediate danger and had no choice but to discharge his weapon, according to the police chief who reviewed the bodycam footage.

“The officer who was directly in the path of the oncoming car fired one shot through the front windshield. The body camera footage I’ve reviewed also confirms the officer was directly in the path of the car,” Blendon Township Police Chief John Belford said at a press briefing on Friday.

Credit: Blendon Township Police Department

Black Lives Matter protesters were out marching Sunday night over the black woman who was fatally shot by police after she tried to run over a cop.

Protesters chanted, “Whose streets? Our streets!” as they marched along High Street in the Short North neighborhood of Columbus Sunday night.

Black Lives Matter Protesters were carrying signs that said, “No Justice, no peace,” and “Stop killer cops.”


Black Lives Matter protesters also chanted: “Black Lives Matter!” and “Say her name, Ta’Kiya Young!” in Columbus Ohio.


Demonstrators angry about the officer-involved shooting also marched in Ohio on Saturday night:

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