RFK Jr. says Biden could quell ‘any concerns about his fitness’ to serve by engaging in a primary debate

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Democratic presidential primary candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wants to debate President Joe Biden and is suggesting that Biden could quell any concerns about his fitness to serve by stepping up to the plate and particiapting in a primary debate.

“President Biden could put to rest any concerns about his fitness for office by engaging me in a vigorous, issues-oriented debate. Let’s end the speculation and let the voters see for themselves,” Kennedy posted on X. “Quote tweet #BidenDebateKennedy if you agree.”

Marianne Williamson, who is also running in the Democratic presidential primary, responded, “Whoah Bobby. Debate ‘us.'”

Biden, who has been trouncing Kennedy and Williamson in the polls, is already the oldest president in American history and would be 86 years old by the end of a second term in office if he wins re-election in 2024.

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But while Biden’s challengers want to face the incumbent in a primary debate, such a debate would be abnormal in light of the lengthy history of incumbent presidents from both parties not engaging in primary debates.

The GOP is holding presidential primary debates, but former President Donald Trump — who has maintained a decisive lead over the field of Republican presidential hopefuls — has opted not to participate. Last month he skipped the first GOP primary debate of the 2024 election cycle. That event, which was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, featured eight GOP presidential hopefuls.

With Biden and Trump both holding massive leads in their respective parties’ primaries, it appears that Americans will liklely see a Biden vs. Trump rematch in 2024.

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