‘He’s now got a woman from NBC running the show’: ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli questions Elon Musk’s free speech stance over banned account

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Infamous “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli is questioning the free speech position of Twitter owner Elon Musk over Shkreli’s banned account that was suspended in 2017.

Shkreli told Fox News that since his release from prison in May 2022, he’s been looking to gain access to his old account on Musk’s platform X (formerly Twitter), which had over 250,000 followers.

The former pharmaceutical entrepreneur, who has since been banned from the industry, said that he’s attempted to open as many as 20 Twitter accounts to circumvent the ban. Shkreli then questioned Musk’s position on free speech, which the South African once described as “free speech absolutist.

“Elon preaches free speech, but his actions are showing the opposite,” Shkreli said. “He’s now got a woman from NBC running the show [new X CEO Linda Yaccarino], so he may now be putting profits over principle.”

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“Musk has been a savior for people like Kanye and Laura Loomer, but I guess free speech isn’t so free for me,” he also said.

Shkreli got a response from Musk’s ex-girlfriend, Canadian singer Claire “Grimes” Boucher, who essentially asked the New Yorker if he would agree to repent.

“Anyone who gets me unbanned from Twitter can have $10,000 or my entire friend.tech balance, whichever is greater. you must be the sole reason why i’m unbanned and there has to be evidence. if multiple people, it will be split. good luck,” Shkreli wrote.

“Leave the money – will u agree to more ethical behaviors? U have power ish and seem on the edge ish. I want to see a better men, I’d happily turn down money for more focus on fixing societ y and I’ll fight for the handle for u if so,” the singer responded.

Shrkeli had other theories for Musk’s lack of urgency in restoring his account; these included the fact that the pharma bro is now a fellow artificial intelligence entrepreneur. With a virtual health care assistant called DrGupta.ai, Shkreli has claimed that he will revolutionize the medical field by replacing physicians with bots that can take on routine medical questions and procedures.

“Physicians are the biggest cost to our health care system,” he told Fox Business. “AI should be able to handle more mundane requests” in a cost-efficient way.

Another possible reason given was simply being too manly for Musk. Having once had a feud with rap group Wu Tang Clan, Shkreli said that he was “told by someone close to Musk that he doesn’t like other alpha males in the room.”

As well, Shkreli noted to Fox News that he’s a big supporter of Donald Trump and is friends with Vivek Ramaswamy, whom he called his “biggest investor.”

While the true nature of his Twitter ban is unknown, reports stated the was banned for crude comments to journalist Lauren Duca. Shkreli said he was part of a “teasing war” where he photoshopped pictures putting himself with the journalist while asking her to attend Trump’s inauguration as his date.

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