These are the Democrat policies that are throttling America’s future

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If you haven’t noticed, there’s a trend occurring among Marxists. And that is that they’re all a part of the Democrat Party.

“Every single Marxist is a Democrat,” Mark Levin, an avid critic of the Democrat Party and author of the upcoming book “The Democrat Party Hates America,” confirms.

“Reich is one of them, Bernie Sanders is another, AOC and the mob, that whole group. They worked within the Democrat Party, because the Democrat Party is perfectly comfortable with them,” he adds.

Robert Reich specifically has praised Joe Biden for revitalizing what he calls “democratic capitalism,” which is just another phrase for what Bernie Sanders calls “democratic socialism.”

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“When they use these hyphenated things like democratic capitalism, what they’re trying to do is put a favorable and persuasive patina on top of economic socialism and cultural Marxism,” Levin explains, adding that what Democratic capitalism really means is “that the government controls the economy.”

This is the antithesis of what capitalism really is, which is “about you making your own decisions.”

“It’s about individualism, it’s about freedom and opportunity and all the rest of that stuff,” Levin adds.

George Orwell, the author of the dystopian novel “1984,” discussed the use of words like “democracy” at length.

Levin suggests Orwell knew that “the word democracy means nothing.”

“Communists use it. Fascists use it. Everybody uses it, so it has whatever meaning they want to apply to it.”

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