Video: Fighter jet crashes near apartment building complex during air show in Michigan

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A fighter jet crashed near an apartment building complex during an air show in Michigan on Sunday afternoon.

With thousands of spectators watching, a MiG-23 jet suffered a mid-flight issue during the final demonstration of the 25th Thunder Over Michigan air show. Videos show two pilots ejecting from the jet fighter in mid-air and parachutes deploying.

At around 4:15 p.m. on Sunday, the MiG-23 jet crashed near an apartment building complex in Belleville, Michigan. The jet fighter reportedly crashed into the parking lot at the Waverly on the Lake Apartments. Officers with the Van Buren Township Police Department and county sheriff’s office deputies were quickly dispatched to the crash scene near Interstate 94 Service Drive.

The Detroit Metropolitan Airport said in a statement, “The aircraft struck unoccupied vehicles in the apartment complex’s parking lot. No one at the apartment complex nor the air show was injured.”

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The pilots allegedly did not appear to sustain any major injuries, but were transported to a nearby hospital as a “precaution.”

Witness Marsha Bogardus told the Detroit News, “We’re on the water of Belleville Lake and we always come to the airshow. We heard these huge booms. I started recording and saw the two pilots eject. It scared my kids and everyone was freaking out. It dropped like a bullet straight down near an apartment complex we live by. Not sure where it landed.”

The Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the jet fighter crash.

Videos of the dramatic jet fighter crash were posted on social media.

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Plane crashes at Thunder Over Michigan air show at Willow Run

Pilots eject from jet before it crashes at Michigan air

Jet crashes at Thunder Over Michigan air show at Willow Run Airport in

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