Was the FBI Utah raid a WARNING to MAGA Republicans?

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Craig Robertson was a 75-year-old man standing at 5’4” and weighing in at 300 lbs. He walked with a cane and was extremely limited physically.

Doesn’t sound like much of a threat, but apparently the FBI disagreed.

On August 8, after Robertson – a known Trump supporter – allegedly posted several threats against President Biden and other Democrats on social media, the FBI reportedly raided his home, shot him dead, and then placed his body on the sidewalk outside his home for the entire neighborhood to witness.

Considering Robertson’s stature and seniority, Pat Gray certainly thinks the FBI’s response was extreme and unnecessary.

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“Yes, he said threatening things about the president and should not have,” Pat admits, but “the Secret Service should’ve showed up at his door and arrested him for it … you didn’t need to send an FBI kill squad to shoot the guy dead.”

“It’s almost as if they knew that by breaking down the door with their warrant … the guy would reach for his weapon,” Jeffy says, suggesting the FBI may have baited Robertson in order to justify shooting him.

Thousands of violent threats have been made against Donald Trump, many of which came from government officials.

“Did the FBI / SWAT unit show up at any of their homes to shoot them dead? I don’t think so,” says Pat.

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