PBS NewsHour Skips New Biden Foreign Money Memo, But Finds Nearly Six Minutes for Trump

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Another Biden family payment scandal meant another goose egg of coverage on public television’s flagship evening news program the PBS NewsHour.

On Wednesday, House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer released records detailing payments Biden family members have received $20 million from oligarchs in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. The revelations were predictably ignored by the “big three” evening news broadcasts ABC, CBS, and NBC, but not by Fox News, which reported the records “indicate President Biden attended dinners in Washington with ex-Soviet empire oligarchs,” despite his previous denials.

The memo alleged payments in the millions of dollars were made to Biden family and business associates by companies from Russia, Ukraine (including the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, where son Hunter Biden served on the board), and Kazakhstan.

Yet Wednesday evening’s edition of the PBS NewsHour program (a tax-supported operation founded on the pretense of providing an objective take on current affairs) completely ignored Comer’s 19-page memo, devoting zero coverage to the ongoing Biden family scandals that now entwine President Biden himself.

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However, the Wednesday program did carve out nearly six minutes of airtime to bring on Washington Post reporter Amy Gardner to hype up the “blockbuster elements” of former President Donald Trump’s alleged scheme to use false slates of electors in order to overturn his 2020 election loss.

Gardner typically avoided an obvious point that prosecutors going after Trump’s “fake electors” were not described as Democrats:

GARDNER: We know that, in Michigan, the [Democrat] attorney general, Dana Nessel, has already charged all of the Michigan electors with crimes because, in part, Michigan didn’t even have any pending cases. So there was no pretext to meet, other than to disrupt January 6.

We also know that the [Democrat] Fulton County prosecutor in the Atlanta, Georgia, area is planning to make a charging decision any day now. And we expect some of the electors in Georgia to actually be charged in that case as well.

Anchor Amna Nawaz concluded: “Amy Gardner, thank you so much for your very clear reporting. We appreciate it.”

On Thursday, the NewsHour again carried no Biden-scandal story, but they offered seven minutes and 20 seconds to the liberal sites ProPublica and Slate finding scandal in vacations offered to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Oh sure, some of the liberal justices had more vacations provided, but…they put those on their disclosure forms, so the liberal sites can explain that away.

This pro-Biden bias by omission was brought to you in part by BNSF Railway, and taxpayers like you.

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