CNN blames ‘heat wave’ for high gas prices instead of Joe Biden’s failed policies

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If you needed more reason to believe that mainstream media outlets like CNN are covering for Joe Biden, then you’re in luck.

CNN not only ran a segment but also an article about how the current “heat wave” is the reason why your wallet is getting slammed at the gas pumps.

Matt Egan told his fellow CNN reporters that an “unexpected consequence of this summer’s historic heat wave, it’s making life more expensive for drivers. Extreme heat has actually increased the price of gasoline, which has surged to nine-month highs.”

Pat Gray believes this is an attempt to distract Americans from Biden’s failed policies.

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“I don’t want to hear you starting to blame our beloved, sharp as a tack president of the United States, Joe Biden. Don’t you dare try to blame him for it because it’s not his fault,” Gray mocks.

“This is absolutely mindless buffoonery,” he adds.

According to the media, when temperatures soar to 100 or even 110 degrees Fahrenheit, facilities aren’t able to churn out all the gasoline needed to consumers.

However, they begrudgingly admit that there are other factors involved besides global warming.

“Like, I don’t know, the sun. You know that two-million-degree burning orb in the sky? That might have something to do with our temperatures,” Gray says.

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