Biden admin reportedly poised to make funding request for US disaster relief and more Ukraine aid

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The Biden administration is expected to put forward a funding request for billions more in aid to Ukraine, according to reports that also indicate that U.S. disaster relief funding is expected to be included in the request.

Politico reported that according to two individuals, the administration is expected to roll out the Ukraine aid request on Thursday. The outlet indicated that the request is also expected to involve aid for Taiwan and money for U.S. disaster relief.

Bloomberg reported that according to an individual familiar with the matter, the president plans to request at least $25 billion, which would involve around $12 billion for disaster relief and $13 billion toward defense funds, including aid for Ukraine.

The U.S. government’s Disaster Relief Fund is expected to be billions of dollars underwater by the end of September, which also marks the end of fiscal year 2023. A significant portion of the spending that drained the fund was related to COVID-19. Last month, TheBlaze highlighted the expected Disaster Relief Fund shortfall and the possibility that Congress could package Ukraine aid and U.S. disaster relief together.

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The U.S. has already pumped billions of aid into the embattled nation of Ukraine as the Eastern European country strives to defend itself against a Russian invasion, but many Americans, including some lawmakers, oppose shoveling beaucoup bucks towards Ukraine aid.

“Americans are struggling under ‘Bidenomics’, watching a border invasion bring crime & drugs to our communities, and witnessing a corrupt two-tiered justice system, and this President wants billions more $ for Ukraine. Put Americans first,” GOP Rep. Bob Good of Virginia declared in a post on X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter.

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