NewsBusters Podcast: Angry Anchors Can’t Tolerate Republicans Evading Harsh Trump Spin

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Journalists like ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and NBC’s Dasha Burns get belligerent when Republican presidential candidates carefully talk about Donald Trump without the harsh “Liz Cheney tones.” Stephanopoulos wanted Doug Burgum to analyze the latest Trump indictment, and he wouldn’t. He said he’s not a lawyer, making the ABC host grumble.

When Burns asked Ron DeSantis if Trump lost, the Republican started speaking to Republican voters, saying the GOP will never win if we keep relitigating 2020 and January 6. Burns complained “You clearly did not answer that question.” He answered, she just didn’t like the answer. DeSantis mocked the question a little by saying whoever takes the oath on January 20 is the president. (Translation: Duh, Biden’s president.)

NewsBusters evening-news and Sunday-show specialist Kevin Tober joins the show to discuss these Sunday and Monday interviews. Kevin’s from New Jersey, so we had to talk about Chris Christie traveling to Ukraine to give President Zelensky some framed Bon Jovi lyrics. We also get into Meet the Press host Chuck Todd complaining to Rep. Jamie Raskin about Republican “whataboutism,” trying to talk about the scandalous Biden family business. The New York Times also bemoaned a “wave of whataboutism” by Republicans.

We despise the whole “whataboutism” argument, since we often demonstrate the partisanship of the leftist media by comparing and contrasting the media’s dramatic “energy gap” in covering Republican and Democrat scandals. Curtis Houck’s latest count shows ABC, CBS, and NBC evening, morning, and Sunday shows are up to 319 minutes of obsession over the latest Trump indictment. Biden scandal minutes can be counted on two hands. Even then, the tone of Biden scandal coverage is often on pro-Biden defense.

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Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts. If you know friends or family who get frustrated by the pro-Biden media, let them in on the secret! Spread the word! 

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