Harry’s Men’s Razor Company Uses Trans ‘Man,’ AKA Woman, To Promote Shave Set

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Harry’s Razors is a men’s razor company. Recently it partnered with a transgender man, aka a biological woman, to promote its products. 

Over the weekend, the Twitter account called End Wokeness shared a video of a “man” named Luke Pearson. “He’s” a transgender male, so a female, and was promoting one of Harry’s “Face & Body Shave Sets.” The set included a Harry’s razor for a man’s face and a razor from Harry’s women’s company, Flamingo, for customers to shave their bodies. 

Apparently, 100% of the profits from the set were donated to the Trevor Project which is a LGBTQ group that promotes gender transition surgeries for minors. 

In the video promotion, Pearson is spotted with her wife of four years (full transparency, the wife is lesbian because she is dating a woman that looks like a man). The video shows Pearson shaving her face and the text on the screen read “Celebrating my first pride with facial hair.” Pearson is also shirtless and her scars from her mastectomy are very obviously present. 

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Another caption in the video read, “Growing up I was always envious of boys going through puberty, getting facial hair and learning how to shave,” and one more read, “I love growing a beard and maintaining it! Having facial hair and a grooming routine is the most gender-affirming thing to me.” 

My cringe radar is currently off the charts. 

It’s really strange that Harry’s would select a woman to promote its products that are specifically designed for men, especially when Harry’s owns a woman’s shaving brand, but, based on previous statements from the company, it’s not that surprising. 

Following the tweet from End Wokeness about Pearson, the account tweeted about what the Harry’s CEO once said. 

No wonder why they selected a woman to promote a man’s razor! 

Amid the circulation of the tweet, numerous conservative or just level-headed people tweeted their distaste with the company’s move and Pearson in general.

Some even called for a boycott of the brand like people did for Budlight and Target when they prioritized agenda pushing over basically everything else.  

Hey, it’s nice to see people recognize this mental delusion for exactly what it is, a mental delusion. Harry’s made a poor marketing decision and it’s likely their sales are going to flop. Time will tell how long that takes but it seems like the left still doesn’t understand: get woke, go broke!


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