WATCH: Pfizer Executive Cornered Like a Rat on Vaccine Lies

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As bad as the COVID-19 lockdowns got in the United States in regions under Democrat control — thankfully not nationwide thanks to the federal system of the U.S., in which the final say in public health decision-making is left to each jurisdiction — none of it compares to the absolute totalitarian hell unleashed on Oceania, which I have chronicled elsewhere. Nowhere, perhaps with the exception of China, were the lockdowns more brutal.

There may be many reasons for Australia and New Zealand’s particularly draconian COVID response, including British commonwealth status, government gun confiscation some time back, and an infamously laid-back populace, among others.

Flashback: Queensland Prison Blues: Unvaxxed Australians Brace for More Restrictions

What these lockdowns produced, among other products, was a small but noble contingent of freedom fighters in an otherwise domesticated population and a handful of elected representatives fighting the good fight.

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Here is Australian Sen. Matt Canavan asking a Pfizer executive repeatedly whether his company lied to the world when its representatives and associates in the corporate state media claimed over and over and over that the COVID shots would stop transmission, even though there was no actual evidence to that effect because Pfizer didn’t test transmission by the vaccinated in its trials. Furthermore, later inquiry proved that, in fact, these products do not stop transmission.

So it’s a very simple question the senator asks, which has an equally simple “yes” or “no” corresponding answer that a toddler could provide, provided he wasn’t corrupted by avarice: Did Pfizer test transmission by the vaccinated in its trials before these products were introduced to market, or did it not?

Each time, in the style of admitted diversity hire Karine Jean-Pierre, the Pfizer executive resorts to his pre-canned talking points that do not answer the question in any way whatsoever. How these people, whether in Australia or the United States, get away with not just blatantly lying but directly refusing to answer “yes” or “no” questions with impunity is forever beyond me.

It’s frankly a national disgrace that we tolerate such pernicious and devastating lies — used, no less, to justify the worst excesses of totalitarianism via lockdowns and vaccine passports and all the rest — to be disseminated with no consequences.

A large part of the problem, of course, is the enforcement of “decorum” in these parliamentary settings. Decorum is the last refuge of the ruling elite when argument fails, but the façade of open inquiry in the People’s Chamber must be maintained for public relations purposes.

Decorum waters down any justice that we’re likely to get for the COVID crimes over the past three years, which are legion. Only a handful of GOP senators, for instance, are willing to go as far as calling for the arrest of Anthony Fauci for provably lying to Congress about his agency’s funding of gain-of-function research in a dingy communist lab.

(Sign the petition to prosecute Fauci for lying to Congress.)

Given how many countless billions the governments of the United States and Australia, etc. poured into Pfizer’s coffers for the COVID-19 shot scam (the definition of fascism, incidentally, as offered by notorious Italian fascist Benito Mussolini as the “merger of corporate and state power“), why should Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla not be hauled in front of Congress on a weekly basis to account for all of his lies, emanating both from him personally and from the corporation he oversees?

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