Tennis president resigns after biological man allowed to compete against women: ‘Very unfair matchup’

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The president of a tennis association board in Wyoming recently resigned after a biological male player was approved to compete in the women’s open division, the Cowboy State Daily reported.

Jackie Fulkrod, the former president of the Cheyenne Tennis Association board, quit in protest last week, stating, “I think a man playing against a woman is a very unfair matchup when it’s specifically meant for women in that specific draw.”

“I feel like having a transgender athlete compete in the women’s draw is against my personal integrity and what I believe and value,” she added.

Fulkrod raised the alarm about the lack of protections for women competing in recreational sports in Wyoming. The open division of the Wyoming Governor’s Cup tournament in Cheyenne has no age restrictions. Because of that, Fulkrod noted, biological male players would be matched up with much younger female competitors.

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She also expressed concern that biological males would be allowed to use bathroom facilities with female players during the tournament.

“There would be other biological females using the facility at the same time, and I just think that’s so wrong,” Fulkrod stated.

Brooklyn Ross, a 27-year-old tennis athlete born male who identifies as a female, was approved by the tennis association to compete in the tournament in the women’s division this weekend. It is unclear whether it was the Wyoming Tennis Association or the Cheyenne Tennis Association that approved Ross to compete against women.

“I feel sad this woman has resigned over this,” Ross said in response to Fulkrod’s decision. “I feel like there’s no reason to.”

Tournament Director Peg Connor told the Cowboy State Daily that “these decisions are not made in a vacuum.”

The United States Tennis Association, which sanctions the Governor’s Cup, believes “tennis thrives when the sport embraces inclusion.”

“For that reason, tennis is open to all regardless of one’s age, ethnicity, race, religious background, sexual orientation or gender identity,” the USTA’s transgender policy added.

Fulkrod thinks most board members agree with her but are too afraid to speak out.

“My decision to resign was solely based on the fact that we didn’t have any way to protect our organization or protect our female athletes that are going to be playing in the tournament,” she explained. “I can understand the tournament director’s position because of lawsuits and that kind of thing, but as a personal belief, I thought this is wrong, this is not something we want to set as a precedent in Cheyenne because what’s the next thing?”

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