Security video catches two men stealing wheelchair from an 87-year-old man in Texas

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Texas police are looking for two men who were caught on video stealing an expensive wheelchair scooter from an elderly man in April.

87-year-old Bob Woods was sitting on the porch of his caretaker’s home cleaning his rifles when two men approached him. Amanda Rodriguez, the caretaker, had gone to take her child from soccer practice.

The two men offered to buy the rifles and the electric scooter from Woods for $1,200.

They took the items and said they’d be back to pay him the money they owed, but they never returned.

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“I trusted them, but then they took it and they left, and they didn’t pay me back,” Woods said to KTVT-TV.

When Rodriguez returned to the home she realized they had scammed Woods and discovered that her security cameras had recorded some of the interaction. She filed a police report and then posted screenshots of the two to social media in hopes that someone could identify them and turn them in to police.

Woods, who suffers from dementia, struggled to remember how much he had paid for the scooter, but he eventually remembered that he had paid $4,500 for it.

The elderly man is now without a scooter.

The Irving Police Department released a video showing the two men loading up the scooter in their maroon-colored pickup truck before tying it down. Police are asking the public to notify them if they can identify either of the two suspects.

“It’s wrong in all aspects. How are you going to sit there and take advantage of an elderly man?” Rodriguez asked.

Here’s the video of the two suspects:

Two Texas men caught stealing wheelchair from 87-year-old victim, police looking for

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