Vivek DEFENDS Trump, TORCHES third-world indictment

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Donald Trump just can’t seem to catch a break.

The former president has been indicted for the third time this year by President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice, which has just handed down a criminal charge of misinformation regarding what happened on January 6, 2021.

Vivek Ramaswamy joins Alex Stein to discuss the charge.

When Stein asks the presidential hopeful his opinion on Trump’s third indictment, Ramaswamy has a surprising answer.

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“They are going after him one way or another like an immune system goes after a virus. They are just not stopping,” Ramaswamy says.

“Now, this indictment,” he continues, “like the prior ones, is politicized.”

Ramaswamy believes “it reeks of politicization because they’re using novel legal theories.”

He tells Stein that his general rule of thumb in the United States of America is that “if you’re gonna’ go full third-world, if you’re gonna’ go full banana republic on this, and indict a political opponent in the middle of an election who’s also a former U.S. president, it better darn well be a cut and dry legal case, not using some unprecedented legal theory.”

This case, he believes, not only does not fit the “cut and dry legal case” description but couldn’t be further from it.

He says it is an “unprecedented legal theory for two reasons.”

“One is there’s a Supreme Court case called Alvarez in 2012 that expressly says a candidate for elected office can make statements that are false or inaccurate. That’s at the heart of what this indictment’s all about.”

The second reason he says is that four of the co-conspirators are lawyers, which “sets up a really dangerous legal precedent for the American legal system.”

“If you’re a lawyer and you’re offering legal advice,” he continues, “but it’s something that a court later believes, or a prosecutor believes was a legal theory they don’t agree with, then you are now criminally liable too.”

“I think one of the most dangerous parts of this indictment is the implications not just for Trump but for the future of the legal system,” he adds.

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