See it: Democratic Rep. Rosa DeLauro gets first tattoo at age 80

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Democratic Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut just got a tattoo at the age of 80.

“For her eighteenth birthday, my granddaughter wanted to get a tattoo with me. So, we went together. She’s off to college in the fall and this strengthens our bond. I have four more grandkids who still haven’t turned eighteen yet so be on the lookout for more new ink!” the congresswoman said in a statement.

A photo shows the tattoo on the lawmaker’s arm.

“The tattoo is of a rose, which connects to her name (Rosa),” the lawmaker’s press assistant Daniel Robillard noted, according to the Hartford Courant. “The petal in the center of the rose forms into a ‘D’ for her last name (DeLauro). The bottom left of the rose is a stylized version of Italy, to celebrate her deep connection to the country her father immigrated from,” he noted, according to the outlet.

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The tattoo that the congresswoman’s granddaughter received is not the same, but she did get a rose, reported.

This is the legislator’s first tattoo, Robillard noted, according to the Associated Press.

DeLauro has served as a House lawmaker for more than three decades.

She espouses left-wing views, such as a pro-choice position on abortion. “I am so proud of Connecticut, which has taken steps to protect the right to an abortion and has created sanctuary for those seeking one,” DeLauro said in a statement in June. “We must combat the GOP assault on the right to choose. I will continue to fight to enshrine abortion rights protections into law by passing the Women’s Health Protection Act.”

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