Warning: Pfizer mRNA Flu Shots Are on the Way

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Pfizer is embarking on its own version of “Operation Warp Speed,” focusing on developing its mRNA shots “faster” than it can come out with current flu shots.

Pfizer’s website states (with emphasis added):

In September 2022, Pfizer began recruiting volunteers to participate in its Phase 3 clinical trial for that mRNA flu vaccine candidate. The hope, says McLaughlin, is that scientists can develop a flu vaccine faster, and with more accurate strain matching with in-season circulating strains than those currently available. One that may also spark a more robust immune response.

“As these viruses continue to adapt, what really matters is how well your vaccine matches what strains are currently circulating,” says McLaughlin. “And the speed with which you can keep up with that determines the success of a vaccination program.”

Timing has historically been a huge problem for influenza vaccines because new strains are constantly mutating in the population — just like COVID-19. That means that yesterday’s flu or COVID vaccine is not going to protect against today’s strain once the shots are manufactured, distributed, and ultimately injected into arms. This is seen in the “waning efficacy” — an industry euphemism for “they don’t work” — of COVID-19 shots over time.

Yet no matter how poorly these injections will perform in the real world, they’re still going to generate massive revenue for pharmaceutical corporations like Pfizer, which is of course the most important objective from the corporate state’s perspective.

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“The best way to protect yourself from influenza is by getting vaccinated,” Pfizer adds — not common-sense practices such as losing excess body fat, exercising, eating responsibly, getting vitamin D through sun exposure and/or supplementation, etc.

In fact, as I have covered elsewhere, the Public Health™ authorities and their corporate state media mouthpieces are openly hostile to vitamin D supplementation as a means to fortify the immune system. A cynical observer might conclude that this is because natural vitamin D through sunlight is free and vitamin D supplements are non-patentable. But let’s not be conspiracy theorists.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) — at this point a de facto wing of the pharmaceutical industry due to close financial ties and a revolving door in which regulators leave the government and go directly to work for the industry they were formerly tasked with regulating — is conducting its own “universal influenza vaccine” using mRNA manipulation.

Via NIH:

A clinical trial of an experimental universal influenza vaccine developed by researchers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ (NIAID) Vaccine Research Center (VRC), part of the National Institutes of Health, has begun enrolling volunteers at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. This Phase 1 trial will test the experimental vaccine, known as H1ssF-3928 mRNA-LNP, for safety and its ability to induce an immune response.

Here is Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla predicting earlier this year in Davos that mRNA flu vaccines would be available in June or July of 2023, well in time for flu season. He also discusses the efforts by his company to combine COVID-19 and flu shots into a single shot — for your convenience, of course!

“Give me convenience or give me death!” is the liberal NPC mantra.

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