Why the Rise in ‘Green’ Energy Investment Is Dangerous

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In news that should surprise no one, the insidious World Economic Forum is lying again. WEF is thrilled that investment in “green” energy has overtaken investment in fossil fuels, totally ignoring the fact that “green” energy is toxic, inefficient, and unprofitable. In fact, increasing dependence on “renewables” likely spells disaster for the future.

WEF is one of the biggest globalist promoters of the climate hoax. Despite predictions of climate doom being wrong consistently for over 50 years now, WEF and its allies continue to bloviate about the imminent climate catastrophe. Ignore the fact that we haven’t experienced global warming in eight years, and that fossil fuel CO2 emissions are not enough to cause global warming. WEF has an agenda to push.

Always remember that WEF plans a world where you “own nothing, have no privacy” and supposedly enjoy it. The climate agenda is one of the tools WEF uses to achieve that dystopia.

Around $1.70 is now invested in clean energy for every $1 invested in fossil fuels. Is that enough to get us to net zero?” wonders WEF senior writer Ewan Thomson in a July 14 piece.

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  • For every $1 spent on fossil fuels, $1.70 is now spent on clean energy, according to the International Energy Agency.
  • But it projects a slowdown in clean energy investment growth this year, at a time when annual investment needs to rise to put the world on track to reach net zero by 2050.
  • Here’s how energy investment is progressing and what can be done to ensure the clean energy transition continues to ramp up at the necessary speed to hit emissions targets.

The first thing to note is WEF’s goal for “net zero” carbon emissions. This is not only an impossible goal but a dangerous one. Carbon is absolutely essential for life on Earth. Indeed, increased carbon actually helps plants — including food crops — thrive, and humans and animals need it too. By trying to reduce carbon drastically, WEF aims to sabotage both food crops and humans more directly.

Secondly, as I noted above, “green” energy is actually damaging for the environment, not to mention unreliable, inefficient, and unprofitable. WEF specifically mentioned electric vehicles (EVs) and batteries, which generate lots of toxic waste. And as states like California and Texas are finding out the hard way, a grid dependent on “green” energy is a nightmare of insufficient and accident-prone electricity. Yet WEF is worried that investment in “green” energy is slowing.

”High fossil fuel prices and strong alignment on climate and energy goals are also resulting in changes in spending patterns,” WEF noted. It would seem that WEF views high gas prices, so damaging to ordinary citizens, as a positive.

Finally, WEF cites Communist China’s alleged progress on “green” energy. WEF previously made a video praising China in this area. This only highlights WEF’s insincerity and duplicity, as China is the world’s biggest polluter and just increased its coal mining this year.

Increased investment in “green” energy isn’t a plus, it spells potential disaster. But WEF doesn’t want ordinary citizens to have a comfortable life with plenty of electricity and private transport. This green energy push is a fabricated crisis waiting to happen.

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