Tapper Touts Trans Candidate for Congress Shaping Biden’s Moldy ‘Lifelong Catholic’ Brain

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Liberal media outlets are forever congratulating Democrats for “trailblazer” candidates. On Wednesday’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, CNN turned its focus on Delaware, where Sen. Tom Carper is retiring. That means black Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester will run for Senate, leaving an open House seat for fellow Democrat Sarah McBride, a former Beau Biden aide who is transgender. They not only congratulated McBride for her “historic” possibility, but for open that “lifelong Catholic” Joe Biden’s mind to “transgender rights.”

Tapper offered a typical tray of softballs — “Do you think you’re going to get President Biden’s endorsement?” and “How much are you going to be focusing on LGBTQ rights as a candidate?”– but ended with this one: 

TAPPER: People in the president’s orbit say you have helped shape some of his views on LGBTQ issues. Politico says, quote, “Biden has leaned on McBride, calling her to discuss the current moment in American politics. Overtime, she’s helped turn one of the most devout Catholic presidents in U.S. history, into an unlikely champion of LGBTQ causes.

Joe Biden is 80 years old, has a history in his early career as being kind of conservative on social issues, including abortion, including segregation. How did you change his mind? How did you open his eyes to your experience?

This is kind of a stupid passage from Politico, since there are only two Catholic presidents in U.S. history, and the other was bed-hopping John F. Kennedy. But let’s get the party-line script: 

McBRIDE: Well, I would never take credit for opening anyone’s heart or mind on transgender rights. Joe Biden has a big heart, and that big heart has led him to be one of the most vocal champions of LGBTQ equality at the national level. It’s why he came out for marriage equality so early. It’s why he called trans rights the civil rights issue of our time back in 2012.

But also think that no story can be written or told about Joe Biden’s legacy on these issues without talking about his son, Beau, who I worked for. I think in many ways, this president sees in LGBTQ rights Beau’s legacy. Beau championed marriage here in Delaware. He championed trans rights here in Delaware, and this president feels closer to Beau and closer to Beau’s legacy when he’s helping to carry it forward. And I think that’s a huge part of where this president’s passion lies beyond just the fact that he’s a deeply emphatic and kind person.

In the previous hour, Tapper also trotted out the opening-up-the-Catholic-brain talk to promote the interview alongside Jim Sciutto: 

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Sciutto explained it was a “perilous time” for transgenders “given the way transgender rights have been so politicized by members of the Republican Party.”

CNN interviews with Democrats are so snoozy it’s appropriate that this segment was sponsored in part by Sleep Number beds. 

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