Why Are Democrats So Enthusiastically Dedicated to Baby Murder?

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Why are Democrats so obsessed with baby murder? From Joe Biden to Kamala Harris to Nancy Pelosi, Democrats are mourning last year’s Supreme Court overturn of Roe v. Wade as if it were the greatest attack on sacred human rights in history. In reality, of course, it noted the obvious fact that Roe was unconstitutional, returning the abortion question to the states, which can now decide whether to protect innocent human life or not. So why this insane Democrat devotion to and praise of abortion, and even infanticide in some states?

Most Americans (over two-thirds) believe in restrictions on abortion, though most also believe in limited exceptions allowing abortion — a strange reality, since abortion either kills a baby or doesn’t kill a baby. Not only that, abortions put women at higher risk of all the mental and physical health issues most dangerous for already traumatized victims of rape (not to mention abortion is never medically necessary to save a woman’s life).

But the main point is that most Americans do not, contrary to Democrat claims, see abortion as a revered right. They see it as an evil to be banned or restricted, either never allowed or allowed only in certain exceptional circumstances, and only in the early stages of pregnancy.  Therefore, Democrats are not appealing to a majority of Americans with their rabid pro-abortion histrionics. Why then engage in those histrionics?

The wailing and grinding of teeth from the Democrats a year after the June 2022 Dobbs v. Jackson decision overturning Roe and Casey is certainly excessive. Joe and Jill Biden have been participating in an ongoing pro-abortion blitz this past week, which reportedly included Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff calling abortion doctors to thank them for killing babies. No shock that the abortion lobby is praising the Biden-Harris administration. Supposed “Catholic” Nancy Pelosi also urged Democrats to keep promoting abortion, asserting it resonates with voters.

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Meanwhile, Biden’s ever-brilliant VP Kamala Harris wildly labeled pro-life lawmakers “extremists” at a North Carolina pro-abortion rally. She falsely claimed many pro-lifers also attack voting rights, a typical Democrat propaganda point. “The three words that came to me that I publicly spoke were ‘How dare they.’ How dare they attack basic health care? How dare they attack our fundamental rights? How dare they attack our freedom?” exclaimed the VP.

Of course, Biden and Harris’s administration has weaponized the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) against pro-lifers, traditional Catholics, and parents concerned about woke curriculum — not to mention Donald Trump and his supporters. Spare us the fake dedication to protecting basic freedoms and fundamental rights, Kamala.

I posit that there are several reasons the Democrats love abortion.

First, it allows them to pretend they care about Americans’ rights while simultaneously attacking basic Constitutional rights like free speech and gun ownership with their policies and propaganda.

Second, many Democrats seem to believe in the overpopulation myth, and they certainly seem to support the notion of reducing the population for various reasons; stopping climate change is one excuse.

Third, abortion is a convenient political cudgel to use against Republicans at a time when Democrats are in power and clearly responsible for such disasters as rising inflation, a bad economy, the border crisis, and federal corruption.

Also for our VIPs: Nancy Pelosi Sees Abortion as Key to Democrat Victory in 2024

Fourth, Democrats really do seem to have a penchant for violence (think Antifa, destruction of pro-life centers, and “transurrections”) — and a zeal for targeting children. We can see the effort to convince children and teens at younger and younger ages to be transgender, which includes damaging medications like puberty blockers and mutilating surgeries. Then there’s the sexual grooming of kids. Abortion and infanticide are just other facets of this penchant.

This leads to my final point: this Democrat love of abortion is dangerous. We have already seen dozens of pro-life pregnancy centers violently attacked by leftist groups and targeted by Democrat lawmakers and officials. That makes it clear that they don’t want women to have options, they want women to have abortions, and they’ll target anyone who tries to offer options.

Then there’s the fact that Democrat-controlled states like California and Minnesota are now covertly or not-so-covertly allowing infanticide, killing babies after they are born. Pro-death philosophies never stop at certain lines. They always get worse.

We need to call out the Democrats’ sick pro-baby murder enthusiasm for what it is, and we must refuse to compromise on pro-life beliefs, protecting what the Declaration of Independence called the right to life. Dobbs came after over 63 million babies were killed in abortion since Roe was handed down — a stunning loss of life. Most Americans don’t support abortion on demand. We’re a pro-life nation, and we need to keep it that way.

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