NewsBusters Podcast: Biden Disses the Press, Republicans Get the Fuss

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It’s a different era. This president can scowl at (conservative) reporter questions and call them dumb, and now it’s not an authoritarian moment. Jim Acosta doesn’t try to rend his garments like he’s in a summer production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Steven Nelson of the New York Post has pitched several questions about potential bribery of the Bidens in Ukraine, and Biden has called it “malarkey” or just scoffed at it. Finally, he said it was a “dumb question.”

This presumes the other reporters will not protest this treatment, since Nelson isn’t with the Biden-voter majority. Managing Editor Curtis Houck joins the show to discuss the Biden-boosting press corps pushing Biden’s crusade against “junk fees” at the airport while it avoids questions of corruption. From Senator Marco Rubio to the latest presidential candidate, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, Republicans are getting harassed about the Trump indictment. Don’t try to suggest selective prosecution, or that talking about Trump only helps him. The morning hosts will fuss at you.

We also discuss Puck News finding CNN liberals expressing joy their “long national nightmare” under Chris Licht is over, as if being asked to tone down the attacks on conservatives and Republicans was a horror show. Fox News just reported again that CNN “fact checker” Daniel Dale is checking Donald Trump almost exclusively, even if his Twitter bio says “Fact-checking the president.” Who’s president now? 

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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