Are Democrats Really ‘Comfortable’ With the Prospect of a Kamala Presidency?

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According to a recent Suffolk/USA Today poll, a staggering 86% of Democrats are apparently “very comfortable” or “somewhat comfortable” with Kamala Harris potentially leading the party if Ol’ Joe is reelected but, for one reason or another, doesn’t make it through a second term.

Seriously? Are we talking about the same Kamala Harris who has the inability to answer even basic questions about important policy issues without descending into a nonsensical word salad? The same Kamala Harris whose office has been plagued by a revolving door of staffers who don’t want to go down with the ship?

The same poll found that only 12% of Democrats admitted they would be “not very comfortable” or “not at all comfortable” with Harris taking over for Biden. These aren’t exactly numbers I would brag about, but it nevertheless confuses me how, even among Democrats, the number claiming to be comfortable with Kamala Harris potentially taking over could be so high.

Let’s not forget, a majority of Democrats didn’t even want Joe Biden to run for president again, and Kamala’s poll numbers have been consistently worse than his. She’s earned the distinction of being the least popular vice president in the history of polling. Things are so bad, there is a concerted effort by the Biden White House to boost her image in an effort to keep her from being a drag on the ticket. As Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley told Fox News in April, “a vote for President Biden is actually a vote for President Harris.”

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Frankly, if Kamala Harris were competent or popular, I suspect Biden would have already been forced to resign to let her take over — especially given the bipartisan concerns about his advanced age and diminished mental health.

Flashback: ‘Joe Biden 2024’ Is Really ‘Kamala Harris 2025’

Back in May, Democrat insiders were reportedly concerned that Kamala’s poll numbers had been so bad for so long “that they may be beyond repair.” According to a report from the Daily Caller, the pro-abortion political action committee Emily’s List is spending millions of dollars in the hopes of boosting Harris’s image.

But, yeah, we’re apparently expected to believe that Democrats are truly confident in Kamala’s ability to handle the presidency in the likely event she has to take over if Biden were to win in 2024.

Is it possible? Well, according to a 2021 Hill-HarrisX poll, Kamala Harris was Democrat voters’ top pick for 2024 should Biden not run for reelection, which suggests some confidence in her — until you realize that only 13% of respondents picked her. Ten percent chose Michelle Obama, who isn’t gonna run, while all other potential candidates, including the likes of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Pete Buttigieg, got less than 5% each. Thirty-six percent were unsure. That’s hardly a vote of confidence in Kamala Harris.

So, what does this new poll really tell us? It tells that Democrats would rally behind Harris if they were stuck with her. They would likely dump her with yesterday’s trash if given the choice, but there’s no reason to believe they wouldn’t coalesce behind her in a pinch. It’s quite sad but typical of a party that hasn’t exactly been concerned with quality when it comes to their elected leaders for some time now.

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