Oh Say Can You See? The ‘Transjester’ Flag Is Being Displayed at the White House

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So apparently we were invaded and conquered over the weekend, as evidenced by the new flag festooning the White House. You know, after I file my last story on Fridays, I usually polish off whatever bottle of wine I am reviewing and spend the weekend with family, friends, and the dogs. And doing yard work. I should probably pay more attention to the news. But Saturday and Sunday, I tend to avoid words and phrases that can adversely affect my blood pressure. This includes things like “Biden,” “Harris,” and “LGBTQ.” “Soros,” “Stelter,” “mainstream media,” “college student,” and “story hour” are also on the list.

Alas and alack, I had no idea that the republic had fallen while I was mowing my yard and cleaning the chicken coop. And as an odd aside, I was at our favorite brew pub/restaurant waiting for a beer at the bar when the guy next to me asked, “What does the Straight Pride flag look like?” I was tempted to tell him it consists of a blue rectangle in the upper quadrant with 50 stars. The rest of it is made up of 13 alternating red and white stripes. Although it could be argued that until very recently it consisted of a plain white field and was traditionally waved furiously over one’s head.

But as I resurfaced Sunday evening and saw the new colors, namely the Pride/Progress flag hanging on the White House portico, I realized that we had indeed been overrun. And the man who was placed in the role of POTUS has been all too eager to welcome our new trans overlords. I expect that the next State of the Union Address will be delivered by Biden in drag under the stage name of Josephine Bidet.

To be fair, President Occupant probably only has an inkling of what he is saying and doing. Half of the time he can barely find his way off of a stage. I mean, c’mon man. He couldn’t even get the word “transgender” right.

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On second thought, “transjester” is probably an apt description in more ways than one. On the other hand, as wiser men than me have said, Biden has always been an ambitious, opportunistic, gutter-level politician. And if it costs a nation everything for the Discount-Kennedy Family to get their turn at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, so be it. And while in all honesty, Biden may not understand what his handlers are telling him to do, he knows that they preface their demands, directions, and remarks with “Mr. President,” which is all he wants to hear. That is not to say he is completely in the dark. Like many on the Left, Biden believes that if conservatives oppose something it has to be the right thing to do. As Todd Starnes noted, once Biden was made aware of not only the breach in protocol and the inherent insult he said or was instructed to say, “Today, the People’s House — your house — sends a clear message to the country and the world. America is a nation of pride.”  So “pride,” besides coming before the fall, now trumps the nation?

Obviously, the position of the Pride/Progress flag over the American flag is a breach of flag protocol. I learned that back when I was trying to get my Tenderfoot badge in Boy Scouts. But the administration either didn’t take the time to look that up or didn’t care. Or it knew and arranged the flags in such a manner on purpose.

So what gives? Well, part of it can be traced back to the left-wing hive mind. Leftists are firmly committed to galloping ahead with a socio-political agenda. And they will get there, sweaty, grimacing, and foaming at the mouth, despite the trail of destruction they leave in their wake. Second, Biden and the Legion that follows him are daring you to say or do something. This is the administration and media who trace every ill since the Seventh Day of Creation to white supremacy. They love the idea of you becoming angry over this issue so that they can paint you as a domestic terrorist and send federal officers to boot your door at 5:30 in the morning. In fact, they are counting on it. They cannot exist without creating demons on the Right.  Don’t take the bait. As Admiral Ackbar said, “It’s a trap!” At least part of it is. The rest of it is sheer hubris.

Despite what the leftist media and internet trolls would have you believe, the shift is underway. And while you don’t need to stage a protest outside of the White House, you can fly your American flag. Although I would suggest buying as many as your budget will permit since who knows when your flag will be stolen. And you can live your life as a free man or a free woman. And you can refuse to compromise in your beer, your shopping, your schools, and your life. The most galling and frightening thing to a dictator is the man or woman who will not cave.

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