‘Communism Begins Where Atheism Begins’: Target, Satanism, and Marxism

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“Communism begins where atheism begins.” That quote from Marx is not only illuminating about his philosophy, but about the anti-Christian ideology rapidly taking over all American businesses and institutions. We look at Target’s Satanist “Pride” gear, or the Satanist drag queen “nuns” invited by the LA Dodgers, and wonder: how did we get here? Because communism or Marxism took over American institutions and, like Lucifer so long ago, communism is inherently and fundamentally anti-God.

Communism is both anti-God and anti-Christian, and is thus a natural ally not only for immorality and perversion (like transgenderism), but also for Satanism. There are, and have been, many communists who are not Satanists, of course. I am not saying communism inevitably turns into Satanism, but I am saying that it is not surprising that communism or Marxism and Satanism should become partners. A hatred of Judeo-Christian morals, or of objective morals at all, and an open defiance of God, are all defining features of communism. And so the Marxism of yesteryear has become the rainbow-wearing, perversion-praising, Satan-loving Marxism that we see manifested in such events as the LA Dodgers’ Pride night and such products as Target’s Pride products designed by a Satanist. The only morality Marxists have is to believe what they are told and support the revolution. And so anyone who opposes the revolution and refuses to conform is evil.

I am certainly not the first person to observe that communism’s rejection of objective morals leads down a dark and slippery slope. One man who warned prophetically about the dangers of communism as atheistic was Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, a great American Catholic preacher and teacher of the mid-20th century. In his book Communism and the Conscience of the West, Sheen cited Marx’s hatred for God and explained how it was tied to communism’s rejection of objective morals.

According to Sheen, in the preface to his 1841 doctoral thesis, Karl Marx summed up his atheistic philosophy in the words, “I hate all the gods.”  There was another who said the same long before Marx—we call him Satan. Sheen explained how atheistic communism is, even though many religious people (including Christians) try to pretend one can be a religious communist:

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The Communist idea of religion is difficult to determine, blurred and confused as it so often is by propaganda which, for tactical purposes only, declares itself in favor of religion. The truth on this subject is that communism and atheism are intrinsically related and that one cannot be a good Communist without being an atheist and every atheist is a potential Communist.

One might also say that every communist is a potential Satanist. It is always a danger, as we see so clearly in our own day. As for the fact that many Christians, Jews, and other religious people are communists, one might recall that, in the Bible, the devil is depicted as quoting Scripture (Matt. 4). As Jesus said (Matt. 7:16), not by their words but “by their fruits you shall know them.”

All communists believe in an anti-God philosophy, whether they know it or not. Hence, in my experience, Christian communists, for instance, always end up denying at least one biblical doctrine at some point. But for some Marxists, that philosophy takes the form of Satanism.

Sheen continued to expound on how communism attacks objective morals, with results such as we see today—with insane sexual perversion and other evils being pushed even on infants (emphasis added):

The ethics of communism are the natural sequence of its materialistic belief. The Communist theory of ethics is that all moral standards grow out of certain economic conditions. ‘All moral theories are the product in the last analysis of the economic stage which society has reached at that particular epoch’ [as Engels said].

Morality as consonance with the Eternal Law of God reflected in conscience is denied, since it is not God but economics which makes morality. There would logically be a repudiation of both the Jewish belief in a Divine Law as expressed in the Ten Commandments and the Greek view of a Divine Order expressing itself in purpose and fixed behavior, once one translated Hegel’s idea of a flux in the world of ideas to flux in the world of reality and history. Then there can no longer be any transcendent order, but only the historic process itself which moves by dialectical necessity to a classless society. If a man is a member of the Communist class he is predestined as was the Calvinist of old, except that his heaven will be the classless kingdom on earth. If however a man belongs to the ‘exploiting class,’ the he is historically doomed.

St. Paul describes Christians as having been predestined to Heaven through having committed themselves to Christ (Eph. 1:5), Sheen said. Marxists pervert that belief and deny free will by treating all men as doomed or predestined through Marx.

When classes are done away with through revolutionary expropriation of those who own property, there will no longer be any need of what the Communist calls ‘bourgeois morality’…

Underneath Communist ethics is the principle ‘the end justifies the means.’ The needs of the revolution determine morality; hence whatever fosters the revolutionary overthrow of democracy and the violent dispossession of those who own property is a morally good act; whatever hinders the revolution, such as a refusal to take orders from the dictator, and the refusal to think the way you are supposed to think, is a morally bad act [emphasis added].

And here we understand exactly how LGBTQ ideology is so tied to communism. You must think a certain way—you are required to think a certain way—or you are evil. This is exactly how radical leftists, who are essentially Marxists, justify their hatred, violence, and vitriol against Christians and Jews, especially Christians. There must be groupthink, or the revolution will not succeed.

As Russian communist Vladimir Lenin said, “We deny all morality taken from super-human or non-class conceptions. We say that this is a deception, a swindle, a befogging of the minds of the workers and peasants in the interests of the landlords and the capitalists.”

In our day, the concept of class has been replaced by identity politics. Modern Marxists pit black Americans against white Americans, LGBTQ against “straights,” men against women. But it all comes to the same reality in the end: an atheism that hates God and goodness. And that is precisely why Marxism has become Satanic.

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