Republican state senator joins Democrats to kill bill that would have prohibited performing gender transitions on minors

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Louisiana state Sen. Fred Mills joined with Democrats to kill a bill that would have prohibited health care professionals from providing gender transition measures, such as hormones, puberty blockers, and surgeries, to minors.

A state Senate committee reportedly voted 5-4 to kill the measure, with Mills siding with Democrats in the vote.

Reports quoted the politician saying that he believes a choice should be made by a patient and a doctor.

Mills, who was previously a Democrat before becoming a Republican, is a pharmacy owner.

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“Fred Mills has sided with the butchers and groomers. He will regret it. This is the biggest mistake of his political career, and also the end of his career. He’s going to be infamous and disgraced by his own base. We’ll make sure of that,” conservative commentator Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire tweeted.

“Whoever mans the phones in the Fred Mills office is gonna have a LONG night when The Jesse Kelly Show hits the air,” conservative figure Jesse Kelly tweeted, sharing a phone number and email address for people who want to contact the lawmaker.

Mills, who has served in the state Senate for more than a decade, is not eligible to seek re-election due to term limits.

While conservatives were outraged that Mills helped put the kibosh on the bill, the ACLU of Louisiana cheered the demise of the measure, describing it as a “dangerous bill that targeted transgender children and stripped rights from their parents.”

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