‘Mr. Carlson will not run for President in 2024,’ Lawyer Harmeet Dhillon warns Draft Tucker PAC in cease and desist letter

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Tucker Carlson will definitely not be running for president in 2024, lawyer Harmeet Dhillon stated in a cease and desist letter to the Draft Tucker PAC.

Dhillon emphatically declared that Carlson will not mount a 2024 bid, and she warned the PAC to stop soliciting funds and information based on the idea of drafting Carlson to run.

“It has come to Mr. Carlson’s attention that you are soliciting contributions and donor contact information from the public by representing that the funds will be used to draft Mr. Tucker to run for President in 2024,” Dhillon declared in the letter, according to Mediaite.

“Mr. Carlson will not run for President in 2024 under any circumstances, and therefore your misrepresentations are damaging to Mr. Carlson and defrauding his supporters,” she wrote, according to the outlet. “If you do not immediately cease and desist your efforts to solicit money to ‘draft’ Mr. Carlson, we will use every legal means at our disposal to vindicate his rights and protect his supporters from these misrepresentations.”

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The letter was directed to executive director of the PAC Charlie Kolean and to PAC treasurer Elizabeth Curtis, according to Mediaite.

“Mr. Carlson is not now, and will not under any circumstances be, a candidate for President in the 2024 election,” Dhillon communicated. “Mr. Tucker unequivocally disavows your activities. Therefore, your efforts to raise money for a ‘draft’ committee are a waste of your time and the money of every donor to your committee, as you are on notice that these funds will not, in fact, be used for the purpose stated. Nor will the data you are collecting under false pretenses be used for the stated purpose.”

The letter noted that Carlson does not want people to be duped into giving their money and personal information to the PAC which cannot possibly accomplish it’s stated goal.

“Mr. Carlson does not want his supporters to be fooled into sending their hard-earned money and contact information to a project run in his name that he does not support and that has no chance of succeeding in its stated aims, and thus will necessarily be using the funds and donor data for other, undisclosed purposes,” Dhillon wrote, according to Mediaite. “If you do not voluntarily stop your ‘Draft Tucker’ effort, we will use every legal option to prevent the misappropriation of Mr. Carlson’s name, likeness, and image, and to protect his supporters from fraud.”

The PAC’s Twitter account no longer exists.

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