Joe Biden Might Want to Rethink His 2024 Candidacy

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If Joe Biden’s handlers weren’t willing to tell him to retire because he’s too old and too senile to run for reelection, they’re not going to give him the latest dose of reality that just dropped.

A new poll is out, and there’s no way to sugar coat the situation. Even CNN was left astonished by the results, which show that Joe Biden’s approval ratings are catastrophic.

According to the last Washington Post-ABC News poll, Biden’s popularity is plummeting, and it’s hard to see how he can redeem himself before the 2024 election.

“In the first real snapshot, if you will, of President Biden’s standing since his reelection announcement, voters are saying he has real work to do,” CNN host Kate Bolduan said. “And that’s even among his own party.”

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President Biden’s approval rating remains stagnant at an unprecedented low of 36 percent, which is unchanged from the same poll earlier this month, suggesting that the previous poll was neither a fluke nor an outlier but an accurate reflection of the sorry state of Joe Biden’s presidency in the eyes of the voters. A recent Gallup survey also indicates that only 37 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s performance, marking the lowest approval rating of his presidency in that poll as well.

The new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that an astonishing 58 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents want the Democrat Party to nominate a different candidate, and CNN couldn’t figure out a way to spin it.

“Biden’s overall approval rating remains underwater,” Bolduan added. “That’s the lowest for any American president at this point in their first term. That’s dating back to Harry Truman.”

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Biden also falls short in a general election matchup between Biden and Trump, with Trump leading 45-38.

As to why Biden’s poll numbers are in the toilet, CNN reporter Arlette Saenz pointed out the elephant in the Oval Office: that President Biden’s age and cognitive decline are contributing factors.

“One of the concerns that voters have expressed has to do with his mental sharpness,” Saenz said. “If you look at this poll, only 32 percent of voters said that the president, who is 80 years old, has the mental sharpness to serve effectively.”

Joe Biden has attempted to spin his advanced age as an asset, arguing that it grants him invaluable experience and “a hell of a lot of wisdom.” However, it’s quite a challenging pitch to make for someone who appears to have an unending series of policy blunders under his belt. Let’s not forget that Donald Trump, a Washington outsider, accomplished significant feats during his 2016 presidency. He managed to secure the border, tackle inflation, boost employment, and even broker a few peace deals, among other noteworthy achievements. So, one may wonder, what exactly has Biden done to justify his bold claim of having accumulated a vast amount of wisdom?

I’ll give you a minute if it helps.

If you can’t think of any, you’re not alone. And that is the root of the problem Biden faces going into 2024. Between his lack of measurable accomplishments and the questions about his mental and physical fitness, it’s no shock that there’s no enthusiasm behind him or his candidacy, or that Robert F Kennedy Jr. is consistently polling at 20% in primary polls.

If I were on Team Biden, I’d be giving some serious thought to finding a way out of the 2024 election.

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