TWO AMERICAS: Liberal Celebrity Chef Gets Exemption From Gas Stove Ban in California City

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Liberal celebrity chef José Andrés is building a new restaurant in Palo Alto, California, which has a law banning gas stoves in new construction.

Andrés threatened to pull out of the project over the gas stove ban, so they gave him an exemption.

Membership in the liberal elite has its privileges, you see.

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The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Liberal Celebrity Chef Exempt From Gas Stove Ban, California City Says

A California city will make an exception to its natural gas ban for world-famous chef José Andrés, after the landlords for the chef’s planned restaurant warned Andrés may pull out over the regulation.

After the owners of the mall where Andrés is set to open the restaurant threatened to sue the city, Palo Alto administrators will allow Andrés’s Mediterranean restaurant Zaytinya to use natural gas lines, despite a new law this year that bans them in construction.

The restaurant relies on “traditional cooking methods that require gas appliances to achieve its signature, complex flavors,” said Anna Shimko, a lawyer representing the group that owns the shopping center where Andrés leased space for the project.

The lawyer argued the building’s plans were approved in 2019, years before the gas ban was imposed. She added that some of the appliances the restaurant staff needs “do not have electrically powered equivalents.” Shimko added that if the ban is enforced, “Zaytinya will likely choose not to locate within the city.”

Chef Andrew Gruel asks a good question here:

This is just so typical.

There are two Americas.

One for liberal elites and another for everyone else.

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