NewsBusters Podcast: NBC Skips FBI Dissidents, Hypes Small-Town Right-Wingers

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NBC is a national news network. So why would it skip House GOP hearings into whistleblowers being punished by the FBI, and obsess instead over small-town right-wing school board members pushing a “dangerous” curriculum? We call it “bias by story selection.” They pick the narratives they want to enforce, and avoid the narratives that aren’t helpful to Democrats.

None of the liberal networks wanted to report on FBI whistleblowers on Thursday night, but NBC Nightly News sent reporter Antonia Hylton n another crusade against conservative school boards, this time near Pikes Peak in Colorado. She asked an upset student “are the adults taking care of you?” but she pressed the school board leader with “Why would this school take on a curriculum that so many educators say is dangerous?”

“Dangerous” — to use a curriculum called “American Birthright” that teaches basic civics instead of left-wing indoctrination. “Terrifying” is another word Hylton imposed on viewers. Conservatives are scandalous anywhere they win a curriculum fight. We’ve focused on anti-Americanism in the media, and the school board is telling this hostile NBC reporter “we live in the freest, greatest country in the world.”

Enjoy the podcast below or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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