Glenn Beck and Mark Levin lay out exactly how to make the Biden Crime Family pay for their lawlessness: ‘The time for talk is over!’

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Glenn Beck documented in detail the abject lawlessness of the Biden Crime Family in a livestreaming video special in which Mark Levin explained what Congress and local prosecutors can do to bring them to justice.

Beck meticulously reported the monumental evidence of corruption at the highest levels of government in a special episode titled “The Reckoning: Biden Crime Family” on Thursday evening on BlazeTV.

Starting with the recent revelations in the Durham report, Beck sifted through the mounds of previous facts to weave together exactly how the members of the Biden family have manipulated the media and abused their political power to enrich themselves.

He charged that the media is trying to use sleight of hand in order to push focus off of President Joe Biden and onto his son, Hunter Biden, instead.

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“Democrats, and the media, want you to zoom in to this entire picture by focusing on Hunter’s potential tax and gun violations,” Beck said. “They want it very clear that Joe Biden wasn’t involved.”

Beck asked Americans to take action by visiting and downloading his dossier on the Biden Crime Family to see the documents for themselves.

He also asked viewers to take additional action.

“We need you to flood the phone lines and email inboxes of every prosecutor or attorney general with the power to prosecute these crimes. The only way these officials will take action is if the pressure becomes so great they can no longer ignore us,” said Beck on the program.

“Contact them today, and if they don’t respond, send them another email. And then another,” he added. “And keep going until you are heard. And if they give you an unsatisfactory answer, keep at it. That’s what we’re doing here.”

What can Congress do?

Levin laid out two things that Congress can do to curtail Biden’s ability to cover up his crimes.

“Number one, slash the budget of the FBI and the Department of Justice. I mean slash it big-time, break it up, redistribute its power. Take some power away from it because I can tell you now, if the framers woke up today and looked at the FBI they’d say, ‘What the hell have you done to yourself?'” said Levin.

“Number two, they oughta drag these guys before these committees left and right and just work them over, I mean harass them,” Levin continued. “Get their documents, do whatever they have to do, make everything public to we the American people, not to the New York Times, or fools like MSNBC, but for the rest of the American people.”

He also reiterated Beck’s call for Americans to pressure their local prosecutors to investigate crimes in the same manner and with the same force as the attorneys general on the left do.

“There are seventy charges just on Hunter Biden alone that are provable! Seventy!” Glenn Beck added.

Here’s the entire video special on the Biden Crime Family:


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