What is a woman? Texas Democrat says anyone who tells him they are a woman is a woman

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A Democratic state lawmaker in Texas offered a circular answer when pressed to define the word “woman.”

“What is a woman?” GOP state Rep. Matt Schaefer asked Democratic state Rep. John Bucy.

“When a woman tells me they’re a woman I know they’re a woman” Bucy said, noting that he trusts them to provide him with the answer.

Schaefer pressed the issue, asking Bucy if he could “define a woman.”

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But Bucy doubled down by declaring that when someone tells him that they are a woman “then they’re a woman.”

Schaefer did not give up, but continued pressing for an actual answer.

“Mr. Bucy can you define it without using the word?” he asked, noting that saying “a woman is a woman is not a definition.”

“I’m asking you to define the term without using the word,” Schaefer explained.

Bucy responded by saying he trusts Schaefer and others on the floor to tell him their gender, or to not tell him as it is not his business.

“Hilarious to listen to folks twist into knots when asked these simple Qs,” Southlake, Texas, Mayor John Huffman tweeted in response to the video clip of the exchange. “This Dem rep knows exactly what a woman is – but he can’t say it b/c he’a scared of the trans ideologues in his base. Come on, my guy. A political party that can’t define a woman isn’t one worth being in.”

“It’s crazy to think that in such a short time Dems in #txlege have become so extreme that even their rank and file members are openly arguing that a man is a woman just because he says he is. It’d be funny if it weren’t so insane,” Brian Phillips of the Texas Public Policy Foundation tweeted.

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