Kamala Harris torched on Twitter after seemingly suggesting that banning ‘gender ideology’ classes would involve banning the teaching of women’s history

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Vice President Kamala Harris noted during a speech on Tuesday that some people want to put the kibosh on courses that involve “gender ideology” but then questioned whether this would involve courses related to “women’s history” and “women’s equality.”

“Do they want to eliminate the study of pay equity,” she asked.

While conservatives do want to ban the teaching of radical leftist gender ideology in public schools, this ideology pertains to LGBTQ topics such as the transgender movement, not women’s history.

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Left-wing gender ideology remains an area of cultural contention, as some parents do not want public schools to expose their children to LGBT topics.

People responded to the vice president’s comments by accusing her of being unintelligent.

“What a stupid woman,” tweeted Karen Townsend of HotAir.com.

“Regardless of her ‘gender identity’, this is not a very smart person,” radio host Matt Murphy tweeted.

“A primary reason an overwhelming majority of Americans can’t stand Kamala Harris is because she lacks a basic understanding of everything,” Jake Schneider of the Republican National Committee tweeted.

“I would say this was just disingenuousness if I hadn’t seen her say such dumb things before, looking as though she really believed them,” someone else wrote.

“She’s either really stupid or she thinks we are,” another person opined.

The issue of gender ideology is also at the center of an ongoing societal debate over whether biological males who identify as girls should be permitted to participate in female school sports.

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