WATCH: MSNBC’s Pearl-clutching Over Trump Town Hall Is Out of Control

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The level-12 TDS has somehow reached an even more fevered pitch, outstripping the corporate media’s histrionic coverage from the preceding seven years.

Even two days later, in segment after segment, MSNBC news actors still self-righteously condemn, in breathless hyperbolic tones, the “platforming,” as they phrase it, of leading GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump by their rival network, CNN.

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Hacks like Mehdi Hasan and the Race Lady (as Tucker calls her) Joy Reid don’t understand (or, more likely, pretend not to when it’s inconvenient for them) third-grade civics.

Journalists are supposed to shine light on the dark corners of politics where dirty deeds are done. At all times, in all contexts, without exception, their job when they do it right is to deliver more information, more exposure on any given topic of public interest. The reader or viewer is then at liberty to do with that information what they will.

Imagine the state of legacy media that, rather than advocating for more exposure of the leading presidential candidate so as to equip the public with as much information as possible, instead the cable news talking heads relentlessly advocate for censorship. It’s a totally sick inversion of their legitimate role as the fourth estate that is just taken for granted at this point.

The answer to bad speech is always more speech. That’s how we handle things in the free West.

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If the state media outlet thought it could convincingly counter Trump’s rhetoric with a compelling narrative of its own, it presumably would. You don’t have to hide from your opponents when you feel confident that you can neutralize them in open combat, rhetorical or otherwise.

But they have no such confidence because they are institutionally compelled to promote, above all else, the distasteful interests of their corporate and Deep State benefactors.

So, instead, the corporate media meets in fancy retreats with attorneys general and sordid “nonprofits” to collude to rig elections.

These people don’t understand that when they attack Trump, it only serves to strengthen his position within his own base. The most damaging thing MSNBC could ever do to Trump would be to treat him with the same kid gloves they use for the demented puppet currently in the White House. MAGA world would recoil in horror.

A microcosm of this phenomenon was seen recently when rumors circulated (promulgated by Trump proxies) that George Soros had endorsed DeSantis for president. In actuality, Soros did no such thing; he merely speculated that DeSantis would be a more formidable opponent for the Democrats in 2024.

But the innuendo was enough to damage DeSantis in the primary polls. He’s now down badly to Trump — not entirely because of the Soros debacle, but at least in part.

The secret sauce of Trump’s unorthodox 2016 campaign was verbally assaulting the corporate media over and over rather than begging for their support like most establishment politicians. It worked in large part because the American people distrust and even despise them, and they finally felt they had a candidate who echoed their own sentiments.

The legacy media could begin to remedy the contempt in which they are held by the American people, particularly by the MAGA demographic, by apologizing for pushing the absurd, debunked Russigate conspiracy theory and a thousand more deceptive narratives, then earnestly recommitting to telling the truth.

But, of course, they are institutionally prevented from doing so for many reasons, including their extensive ties to the Deep State (including an entire roster of on-air talent “formerly” of the CIA and other intelligence agencies) and their heavy reliance on multinational corporate advertisers.

The legacy media’s entire business model is predicated on promoting the interests of a tiny technocratic elite at the expense of their own audience and passing their propaganda off as news. They’ve made their bed.

“I’m gonna make a toast when it falls apart
I’m gonna raise my glass above my heart
Then someone shouts “that’s what they get!”…
If you think anyone will feel badly
You are sadly mistaken
The time has come for evolution
F*** collusion, kill the five”
          — NOFX, ‘ Dinosaurs Will Die’

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