FOX Corp Suddenly Decides to Air Trump’s Iowa Rally as Numbers Continue to Flatline Following Their Move to Fire Tucker Carlson

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FOX News continues to hemorrhage viewers following the company’s decision to fire their top cable news host Tucker Carlson.

Tucker was averaging 3.2 million viewers a night in his primetime slot.
On Tuesday after his firing, FOX News had only 1.7 million viewers at 8 PM.

Since then FOX News has lost two-thirds of their viewers in the coveted 8 PM timeslot.

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Their numbers have absolutely FLATLINED since firing their top-rated host.

On Thursday FOX News at Night, the show that replaced Tucker Carlson, had 1.394 viewers.  They lost TWO-THIRDS of their audience!  And after two weeks — IT’S NOT COMING BACK!

Nice job, Paul Ryan!

On Saturday FOX News SUDDENLY decided to air President Trump’s rally in Iowa.  FOX Corp, with board member Paul Ryan, has REFUSED to air Trump rallies for months now.

Newsmax, OANN, RAV, and RSBN have been airing President Trump’s rallies all year.

Gee what changed?

No thanks.

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