Bette Midler: ‘CNN has a lot to answer for’ for hosting Trump interview

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Outspoken left-wing celebrity Bette Midler has claimed that former President Donald Trump tortured the truth to the point of death during a CNN town hall earlier this week.

Trump appeared on the left-leaning cable channel on Wednesday night for the event. Midler has offered scathing critiques of his performance.

“Dear Donnie, Well, that was the most depressing, demented, dim-witted performance any of us have ever seen on CNN, and that’s saying a lot. Thnx for reminding us yet again that you are a menace to society, & a sore loser in the grip of a dangerous fantasy that could kill us all,” Midler tweeted on Friday. “Trump put #Truth in a chokehold on #CNN and squeezed for 75 minutes. Then he bludgeoned it, kicked it, slashed it, dismembered it, lynched it and left it for dead. CNN has a lot to answer for,” she asserted.

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Rob Reiner, another frequent Trump critic, has suggested that voting for Trump amounts to a vote for “White Christian Nationalism” and “Fascism.” He has also claimed that the former president is “mentally ill.”

“The choice could not be clearer. If you want White Christian Nationalism, if you want Fascism, vote for Trump. If you want Human Decency, if you want Democracy, vote for Biden. That’s it, and that’s all,” Reiner tweeted on Friday. “There’s no other way to say this: Donald Trump is a Liar, a Criminal, and is mentally ill,” he tweeted on Thursday.

Reiner has previously claimed that Trump supporters are hateful, racist, misogynists.

“Donald Trumps Cult followers believe he was sent by God to make America a White Christian nation. They are blind, filled with hate, racism and misogyny. They live in a 6,000 year old world where women and minorities have no rights. They can’t be reasoned with. Don’t try. VOTE!!!” he tweeted last year.

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