Public Takes Notice: Americans Perceive Biden Family Corruption as a Serious Matter

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The House Oversight Committee revealed a damning collection of evidence exposing Joe Biden’s likely influence-peddling with foreign nations, where money was clandestinely funneled through a series of shell companies purposefully designed to obfuscate its illicit origins. These entities lacked any legitimate business operations and seemed to exist solely to launder these ill-gotten gains. Their sinister value lay not in tangible goods or services, but rather in the corrupting influence they exerted upon Joe Biden. The media simply shrugged its shoulders, but the American people see a serious scandal.

They have good reason to; while the media claims there’s no “there” there, this damning information is supported by undeniable bank records meticulously procured by the House Oversight Committee. As such, according to the latest survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports, Americans overwhelmingly regard the Biden family’s corruption as a serious scandal, and those views transcend partisan loyalties.

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The first notable finding is that 69% of respondents view the reports of foreign entities attempting to wield influence over Biden and his family as a grave scandal. Remarkably, this sentiment extends across party lines, with 49% of Democrats, 72% of independent voters, and a striking 88% of Republicans expressing concern.

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In another question, the voters surveyed were asked about congressional reports suggesting that Biden engaged in a “pay-for-play” arrangement, profiting from foreign policy decisions during his tenure as vice president under President Obama. A substantial 63% found this scenario plausible, including 42% of Democrats, 65% of independents, and a resounding 85% of likely Republican voters.

When Rasmussen asked if voters agree or disagree that the Hunter Biden financial scandal “is about the entire Biden family, including the president,” a whopping 66% of respondents agreed, including 43% of Democrats, further accentuating the bipartisan concern about this scandal.

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But here’s where the story gets really interesting. The Rasmussen survey was conducted after reports surfaced last week regarding alleged bribes directed towards the Biden family but before the House Oversight Committee’s press conference on Wednesday, in which they not only detailed the tangled web of Biden family corruption but also revealed who in the family was getting money from foreign entities.

According to Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.), it includes Joe’s brother James Biden, James’s wife, Hunter Biden, Hunter’s current wife, Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, Hallie Biden (Beau’s widow and Hunter’s former girlfriend), and three children of Hunter Biden and James Biden. That means that grandchildren of Joe Biden (save for Hunter’s love child) were getting foreign funds. That’s a rather curious detail that may be easy for the mainstream media to pretend doesn’t exist but adds to the growing list of suspicious activities connected to the Bidens. That the above poll was conducted before this nugget of information was made public probably means that Americans’ attitudes about this scandal will only get worse for Joe Biden.

Despite the mainstream media’s attempts to bury the story, the public had already harbored suspicions about the alleged corruption within the Biden family even before the momentous press conference. The House Oversight Committee, with its ongoing investigations, is far from finished as well. It is impossible for the White House, the Biden family, or the mainstream media to simply dismiss this matter and pretend it is inconsequential.

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