Transgender worker fired from Starbucks after viral altercation with customer over misgendering accusation

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A transgender employee at Starbucks was fired after a video captured the worker screaming at a woman that she had misgendered the worker.

The video was filmed at a Starbucks location in Southampton, U.K., on April 30 and later went viral on social media.

The employee screamed at the woman and accused her of being a “Karen” and misgendering the worker.

“Don’t ever call me transphobic! Ever! You do not know me!” the woman replied.

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“You are transphobic, now get out!” said the employee, who added later that the woman was “trespassing.”

After a few moments, the employee appeared to assault the person recording the altercation on a cellphone.

A spokesperson for Starbucks said the altercation occurred at a location that is not owned by the company and added that the employee had been fired.

“Starbucks has no tolerance for behaviour of this kind and we are very sorry for the experience that this customer had,” the spokesperson added.

One version of the video posted to social media garnered nearly 5 million views.

The woman was later identified as Vanessa Thomas, who told the Daily Mail that the video did not capture the entire altercation.

“The video does not tell you the whole story. It was very frightening and shocking. The Starbucks manager grabbed me and threw me out of the café. I could have been seriously hurt or even killed because if Mark hadn’t caught me, I would have crashed onto the pavement,” she said, referring to her partner.

Police in Southampton said they are investigating the incident over the apparent assault.

“It is alleged that a staff member became verbally abusive towards a customer within the premises, before assaulting a member of the public who was filming the incident,” read a statement from the police.

They added that no injuries were reported and that their investigation was ongoing.

Here’s the video of the misgendering incident:

Trans worker fired after confronting woman who misgendered her at Starbucks | NY

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