Kruiser’s (Almost) Daily Distraction: Trying Not to Fear the Summertime Beer

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While I do try to keep much of my personal life private, it’s well known to the public that I really, really, really love beer.


I am a big coffee fan as well, but I would much rather have a beer upon arising each day.

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The last line in my Twitter bio reads “Day Drinking Enthusiast,” and that’s why I am having an inner philosophical dialogue about the role beer should play in my life for the next several months.

One of my favorite things to do when the weather gets warm is drink beer in the afternoon. As I live in the Sonoran Desert, the weather gets warm for quite a long time here. As soon as it’s 80 or above and sunny, I become rather obsessive. I have 10 craft beer taprooms within a couple miles of my house (it’s a great neighborhood), four of which are in easy walking distance. I am awash in a sudsy sea of hoppy temptation.

I’m also not the youngest guy in the ‘hood, and I am trying to lose the weight I put on during the extended Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu Zoom happy hour days. I do my best with weight loss when I’m sticking to a low-carb keto way of eating, which is in direct conflict with my love of daytime summer beer.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking though.

We’re heading into a presidential election that’s going to be the political equivalent of monkeys flinging feces at each other more so than any election we’ve experienced in recent memory. Yes, that includes 2016. I need to determine which is the greater risk to my health: the weight I put on in 2020-21 or trying to avoid drowning in the existential maelstrom of “WTF?” that the election will throw me into.

Beer calms me down, that’s got to be good for me when writing about politics all of the time, right?

Maybe what I need to do is find a good balance of riding my bike in the searing desert heat and doing some time-limited day drinking. Keto can make a return in October.

Unless it’s an unseasonably warm one.

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